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Dobara Alvida Review: Does a goodbye really mean goodbye?

LargeShort Films have uploaded yet another beautiful short film, Dobara Alvida starring Swara Bhasker and Gulshan Devaiah. It is directed by Shashank S Singh and the film has a running time of 25 minutes. Short, sweet, simple, and heart-touching. You can stream it on YouTube.


The story of Dobara Alvida is about two estranged lovers who meet on a shared cab after 1 and a half years. So, as they recall their memories, hop on this cab and take this emotional ride.


Dobara Alvida literally means Again Goodbye but is a goodbye always end up being like that or we say this as a courtesy hoping to meet them again?


The short film opens with a scene where a man, named Kunal (played by Gulshan) gets into a cab ride hoping to reach his destination, but little did he know what was there in his destiny. As the cab driver ignites the car, he realises that he is crossing the same roads he used to do a year and a half ago.


Soon enough the cab driver gets another booking and he turns to pick the other person. As soon as the person gets into the cab, Kunal realises who is she. And then the story moves along. Will they end up together or will bid adieu once again that depends on time. Watch and you will know it.


The best part about short films is that it doesn't have to say everything and yet we understand it properly.


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