Does anyone find Arjun Kapoor a fashion icon?

He may not be the biggest male fashionista in town, but it's Arjun Kapoor's simple and experimental approach to fashion that we love. Whether on the red carpet, at promotional events, or off-duty in front of the camera, there's a lot to love about Arjun's wardrobe choices.

It's all about the classic red carpet dress, but make no mistake, classic doesn't mean boring. Mixing with pops of color in the dress, pocket handkerchiefs and bow tie, he knows how to shake the basics. Also, he can make a bandhgala better than most others!

Scarves, bow ties, shoes, cans, sunglasses - you name it and he has it. Do not you believe it? Check out his Instagram account for details of her outfits and her love for more than the usual T-shirt and jeans combination.

Arjun Kapoor is known for his off-screen wit and on-screen acting, but the young, overweight former has become a fashion star in his own right over the years. He loves experimenting with fashion and pushing the boundaries. He likes to experiment with tramp or James Bond fashion. The costumes pique his interest and he looks dashing as hell.