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Does B stand for Double standards?

Kangana has been very vocal since the pandemic crash landed on us (by her saying "on me") and her followers literally risen just like her expansion of definition of Feminism, Democracy, Communal hatred, and also Anti-LGBTQ+ comments and BIGOTRY.

From quoting " If a woman is sexually active, she’s called a whore" to slut shaming Rihanna. Calling Greta - A spoiled brat and telling them to go to school. However, she was the one who ran from home and skipped education and went to say " If you slap me dad, i will slap you too". And yeah!!! The recent one.....After spending a decade on sucking americanised clothing from PRADA to GUCCI. I wonder where will she ahead now.She feels glad and elated on being referred as Bollywood Queen and also doesn't mince a word on calling Bollywood "A gutter".

Spending a decade is alot and still referring yourself as struggling outsider is obnoxious. Never appreciates an outsider or anyone's work. Providing them a platform that she lacked once should be her 1st priority after going through a lot....alot. She's like what she call herself "A lone wolf" , " A stricken lionesses" though a inebriated and hallucinated one targeting every outsider, a struggler , wherever her paws reach to. Even if Karan johar is what she defines as or not. But how come is she different.

A producer and distributor always knows how much stakes and nerves it takes (in amy business). Only an Art creator would know what you have to loose to earn what you want and kangana has been a great actress, hardworker. Now, her credibility and authenticity is somewhat lost. My art is art everybody's art is a work of fart. I bet she will refer you as ANTI-INDIA, ANTI-HINDU, ANTI-NATIONAL just because you went abroad to study and forgetting the fact of learning screenwriting from abroad. It's not about correcting her and showing her own flaws. It's more about-- we all have differences and let's not forget humility and don't demean,demonise and diminish other persona, behavior and struggles, just to be superior.

I'm still a fan but only of her acting. . . It's not about her only i will be quashing many mores if this gets posted or get good response. Thank you and pardon my ENGLISH.


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