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Does Salman work with younger actresses now because they're fine with minimal roles?

Remember when Disha Patani had said that she might not be able to work with Salman because of the age difference? She meant that her management may have issues with it. This statement was made post the release of Bharat. However, now she's starring alongside him in Radhe.

The age gap between Salman and his heroines have been increasing over the years. Here, one can also note that the younger actresses he's working with are often new to the industry or have few films to their name. This also means that because they're not established enough, they don't mind smaller roles. It holds true especially because most Salman films revolve majorly around him. There's not much going on for the women in his movies apart from being his love interest and serving the purpose of being a character arc for him. Whenever Jacqueline Fernandez has acted opposite him, she's also played roles similar to that of Disha's in Radhe.

Actresses who have carried films on their own are well known such as Deepika Padukone, Kangana Ranaut, amongst others haven't starred in his movies. Even Priyanka Chopra had walked out of Bharat. While Salman had claimed that it was because she was planning her marriage with Nick Jonas at the time, there were speculations that the actress wasn't too fond of her role. Is Salman possibly continuing to work with much younger actresses despite criticism because they are okay with small roles in his films?


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