Does WandaVision Include Marvel’s First Official Series Theme Song?

Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4 opened with their series WandaVision on Disney+. It seems that they have tried every way to break their ‘MCU’ image in this new series. From having a live audience to introducing the villain of the show with a catchy song, they have done it all. The recent episode 7 cleared the air about Wanda and her reality. It was ‘Agatha All Along’. Agatha Harkness aka Agnes is shown as Wanda’s neighbour who has been trying to befriend Wanda since the first episode. How strange it is that our mind-reader Wanda couldn’t catch her mischiefs. This is probably because, none of this is Wanda’s reality but Agatha’s. MCU has never incorporated a full-fledged theme song in any of their films or series. How unusual of MCU to create a song on Agatha and her evil side. Watch the song here: