Does this weird beauty tool work? Let's find out! #BeautyTruthBomb

Hair removal is a funny thing. Everyone has an opinion about maintaining body and facial hair, and everyone's particular follicle situation is different. I've read about models shaving their faces to look "glowy," and I also know women who've never tweezed their brows. So, I'm not here to advocate for hair removal across the board. 

This tool is specially designed for upper-lip hair, and that's where it really shines. But, like most women, I have a few areas prone to those crazy, coarse dark hairs — the ones I probably would have been burned as a witch for back in the 17th century. A few are inconveniently located under my jaw, forcing me to tilt up my head and stab myself with tweezers, hoping I eventually grab the right spot. I simply roll back and forth a few times, and the hairs are GONE. It sometimes takes a few tries to grab them, but when I do, it always gets them out by the root — while tweezers often just break them off.  

It's not exactly painless.

In terms of pain, it feels similar to threading. And, it also works in a manual fashion: When you roll it over your face, the spring grabs onto individual hairs and yanks them out by the root. It works slightly faster than threading, though, because it can grab more hair at once. But, the process isn't pain-free. Like with threading and waxing, regular use decreases the pain, but be prepared to wince a bit your first time around.

This is by far the greatest feature of the tool. Got witch hairs? Get this.