Does your skin feel dry and tight most of the time?

If your skin feels tight and dry it means your skin is dehydrated. Along with eating healthy and increasing your water intake, you must also follow a skincare regime that is suitable for your skin.



The most important way to hydrate your skin is to drink a lot of water. Water keeps your skin supple and nourished. It provides nutrition to your skin which reduces wrinkles and fine lines.  



To get rid of the dry skin is moisturising. This is a very important step in the skincare regime. You must moisturise at least two times a day. It soothes the rough patches and stubborn dry spots. They rebuild the skin’s natural moisture barrier and creates a protective layer of the skin.  



Cleansers can cause your skin to lose natural oils and moisture. Use a cleanser that suits your dry skin. This helps to reduce irritation and redness caused by the dryness. It will also hydrate, cleanse, protect and soothe your skin which helps to maintain the pH level.