Don’t You Think Kareena Kapoor Is One Actress Whose Stardom Has Remained Constant Throughout The Years?

The A-listed glamour queen of Bollywood, Kareena Kapoor Khan, has been a trendsetter since the very start, the passionate star has always been on top of her game by not letting any failure let her or her career down. The Kapoor girl has lived up to her family legacy and proved her mettle as an actress time and again.

Looking at her magical two decade long career in the industry, we have to consider that the star indeed has a star value that has remained constant throughout the years and what has kept her going is the fact that she keeps surprising her fans by taking up new risks and challenges as an actor, which has helped her still remain on the top of list among her fellow competitors.

The iconic actress is proof that nothing can stop her in her way to success whether its marriage or pregnancy, don’t you think Kareena Kapoor deserves a special mention for her consistent golden career?