Don't you agree that Kai's "Peaches" Prologue Film is the best promotional teaser for an album this year?

Kai's Prologue film for his upcoming solo album "Peaches" has been released and on its release, it has created quite a stir for every right reason. The prologue film gave a sneak peek into this highly anticipated album, it especially highlighted the track "Vanilla."


As soon as it was unveiled, the prologue film started to trend in the top 10 on Twitter with hashtags #KAI PROLOGUE FILM #PROLOGUE TO PEACHES etc. Not only did the film start to trend, but it is also being applauded for its visuals, soothing music, cinematography and choreography.


The film increases the anticipation for this new album "Peaches" which is Kai's second album after "Kai." During the video, EXO Ls find an uncanny resemblance between Kai's debut days and the prologue film, the choreography is quite similar which gives the fans a deja vu. Some feel that it has been done on purpose to reminisce those days of Kai.


Without an ounce of doubt, this is the best promotional teaser video I have seen in a long time, it gives away just enough to grab your attention, the cinematography has especially set the standards too high for others.


Do you also agree that it is one of the best teaser videos of this year?


Check out the prologue film below!