#Azaadilikhneki Don't you think that Bollywood are making lots of remake movies and songs?

Since the recent years we have been seeing that the artists and filmmaker of Bollywood have been stuck with making remixes and remake of movie and songs from other industries.

Especially, the recent songs which are being made by well-known artist have made lots of remake of old songs for example Aankh Marey in Simba, or Tip Tip Barsa Paani from Sooryavanshi, then if you take movies then the best example is Kabir Singh which is a remake of south movie Arjun Reddy and there is one more upcoming movie starring Deepika Padukone and Amitabh Bachchan called "The Intern" which is a remake of Hollywood movie The Intern. I mean common they haven't even changed the title of the movie just left it in the same way.

Nowadays there is nothing original left in Bollywood anymore everything is copied. Well the I have been irritated with this now because we have lots of artists and filmmakers who are excellent in their work and if such kind of people are remaking from the old movies then what is the point of being an artist right? I mean it was a good move in the beginning as everyone used to say "old is gold" but how many days are you gonna make it work at some point of time you need to change the method. Plus, now the audiences don't like repetitive work they get bored and want something new everyday.


The Bollywood filmmakers need to be creative or else no one will be watching Bollywood movies anymore! Don't you think?