Don't You Think Bollywood Films Play A Big Role In Our Society's Perception Towards The Brown-Face Taboo In India?

Bollywood's fanciful world is regarded to be full of glamour. But it also has a far less flattering reputation for promoting the offensive practice of colourism through 'brown-face'. Over the decades, we have seen huge number of Bollywood films cast fair-skinned actors to dark-skinned roles, for example, Bala featured the story of a woman who suffered discrimination on the basis of her skin tone, when in reality she was actually a light-skinned woman in a brown-face. Super 30, is another film which portrayed Hrithik to be dark skinned. Moreover, even in Gully boy, Ranveer who played the role of a poor boy was shown to have a dark skin tone.

This irrational way of thinking has been very prominent in Bollywood, but when we are readily evolving ourselves each day, why don't we get over the fact that skin colour is just a feature not your entire personality. It's really high time we all start normalising people with dark skin tones. Being dark skinned, doesn't make anyone less prettier, it's just how our society's mindset is framed towards others and Bollywood surely plays a big role on this topic. Do you also think that Bollywood films are largely responsible in creating a different and supposedly wrong mentality of the public on this issue?