Don't you think it is cruel to troll an actress for a wardrobe malfunction and calling it a publicity stunt?

Recently Mouni Roy went through a wardrobe malfunction and was trolled heavily for it. People gave the most humiliating statements about her dressing sense and told her not to wear such attention-seeking dresses. It was highly embarrassing for me to even read those trolls regarding Mouni Roy. Male actors often go through such wardrobe malfunction but are never pointed out for it but female actresses are! It gets crueler when trollers call it a publicity stunt. These celebrities don't plan a malfunction, it just happens since it is one of the normal most rules of dressing! Almost every other men and women go through wardrobe malfunction in their daily lives but these celebrities get trolled for it! Do you think it is fair to humiliate an actress for something as normal as a wardrobe malfunction?