Isn't it wonderful To See Paresh Rawal Step Into Rishi Kapoor's Shoes To Finish 'Sharmaji Namkeen'?

Rishi Kapoor was one of the most acclaimed actors in the Hindi film industry. He breathed his last on April 3, 2020 and today on the occasion of his 69th birthday the makers of Rishi Kapoor’s last film, Sharmaji Namkeen, have finally dropped its first look as a mark of love, respect and remembrance of him and as a gift to his legions of fans across the world.

Alongside Rishi Kapoor's poster, the makers have also dropped a poster featuring Paresh Rawal, who stepped into the role of the late actor to complete the film by agreeing to take the sensitive role of portraying the same character played by Rishi Ji. It surely takes a lot to step into the shoes of a great actor and deliver a performance that’s beyond amazing.

Produced by Excel Entertainment and MacGuffin Pictures, this film is a light hearted, coming-of-age story of a loveable 60 year old man. How excited are you to see Rishi Kapoor back on the big screen for one last time? Don’t you think it’s amazing for Paresh Rawal to step up and take Rishi Kapoor’s legacy forward?