Don't you think Sonu Sood deserves a Padma Shri more than Kangana Ranaut?

Recently, the Government of India gave Padma Shri to a lot of people from the Bollywood industry like Karan Johar, Ekta Kapoor, and Kangana Ranaut. While many were happy with this decision, some felt they were totally non-deserving. Especially for Kangana and Ekta. While the latter was criticised for her mediocre work in the television industry, the former is known for spreading hate.


But there was one person who was completely ignored. Sonu Sood, the reel life villain and real-life hero has been helping countless people since the 2020 lockdown. His social work has impacted a lot of lives which makes him worthy for the Padma Shri. But for some reason, he wasn't awarded for his philanthropic efforts.


Don't you think he should have been given the award and not Kangana? As he has never uttered bad for anyone in Bollywood and is focused on his work and philanthropy.