Double Cleansing - A Solution To all Your Skin Woes

Cleansing is important in our skincare routine. We must cleanse our face twice a day. One with a oil based cleanser and second time by the water based cleanser. As you know throughout the day, we our exposed to lot of different things like bacteria, the pollution while we’re traveling and if you don’t wash it well, they actually stick on to our face and could contribute to things like breakouts, pigmentation and ageing so the best solution to all these problems is double cleansing. 


So, the first step in double cleansing is to use an oil-based cleanser or face wash. The reason behind it is extremely important is because it helps breakdown makeup, remove any excess dirt or oil that you have on your face. If you are someone that uses makeup often or wearing it for a long period of time then make sure to follow this step. 


Dermalogica Precleanse

Start by taking a pea sized amount of the product on the palm of your dry hand. In circular motions, start working the product onto your face and eyes to dissolve the oil and dirt. Now wet your hands and continue massaging to create a light milk emulsion. This oil-based cleanser is formulated with conditioning rice bran, Vitamin E and apricot oils making it gentle on skin. This step is specially important as it well help the next cleanser penetrate even further for pro level cleansing results. Wash off with water and you are ready for next step of cleansing.  


The second step is to cleanse with a foaming-based cleanser. Now by cleansing twice you are ensuring that the first layer of sebum, makeup and sunscreen are removed. And also, the deeper layers of bacteria that could lead to acne, pimples or just breakouts in general are also out. 


Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

Now while your face is still wet, take a coined sized amount of a foaming cleanser on the palm of your wet hands. Mix until a smooth foaming paste is formed. Now massage this on your skin for one minute. Whether you are double cleansing or not, massage properly to gain all the benefits of the cleanser and its ingredients. This cleanser contains ingredients like white rice, grapefruit, licorice and silicic acid that will brighten the skin, even out your skin tone and gently foliate the skin surface. Once you are done massaging splash ample of luke warm water on the skin. Temperature of water matters. If it is too hot and this could risk irritating the skin.


With these two steps, your double cleansing is done. You can then complete your CTM routine.