Dr sheths overnight repair serum review

Hey all Today another review with @drsheths CICA & CERAMIDE over night repair serum I bought it on the launch date and testing it now so here comes my first impressions. In depth I can only give when I finish this bottle LOVE Specially for Indian skin Thick lotion milky white consistency Easy peasy pump which squeezes proper amount of product Non sticky, Mildest fragrance if this makes sense does not bother at all Quick absorbing Dark colour glass bottle so handle with care Good price for a serum And yes I love that all @drsheths products I used till I'm able to finish DON'T LOVE Personally for me nothing as such but as I look consistency it's thick , confused whether to use before cream or after as my creams are also lightweight texture BRAND CLAIMS Brightens, Repairs and hydrates pH balanced Derma tested Fragrance free, and cruelty free ofc Ceramides, Hemp oil, Marula oil, Calendula extract and Cintella Asiatica extract (CICA) (my knowledge says cica works for acne also) ON A PERSONAL NOTE @drsheths has all product categories to start full one brand skincare... Thinking of that these days as this brand worked for me