Drishyam 2 (2021) : Movie Review - A deserving applause for bringing a never seen before sequel.

Sequel is a word that comes with a heavy burden of matching the predecessor and that's why most of the time only safe films like to go that way. But when it comes to the Thriller genre, making a sequel is almost an impossible job considering the suspense had been revealed already in the climax of the first time and most importantly it had provided a fulfilling end.

Drishyam (2013) came out as an Outstanding thriller in Indian Cinema with a great touch of realism within Cinematic boundaries from where making a sequel when we have already known that unknown truth was not just tough but naturally an untouched thing. With Drishyam 2, Malayalam Cinema celebrates a triumph of a battle that was never ever fought by anyone in Indian Cinema and to some extent in World Cinema. The realistic sense slightly disappears this time but the cinematic liberty and pressure of carrying the legacy of Masterpiece Drishyam gives it a chance to stand as a Classic Sequel on its own.

Drishyam 2 begins after 6 years where we left Drishyam but the never-ending investigation strikes again to shake the family again. How the Police finds out that unknown evidence and how Georgekutty plans a new script to save his family is all you get to see in the film. One of the biggest plus point of the storyline is a reference of Cinema within a cinema or should I say Script within a Script because the ultimate goal of this narrative was nothing but to make visuals look deceptive. There are few slight errors in the writing though, one can still forgive it in the name of Cinematic Liberty. A couple of things look far away from regular police investigation where they have to use the characters being predictably deceptive and the "Luck" factor, which is still plausible in movie making sense. Coming to the acting department, Drishyam 2 is Mohanlal's show all the way.

Unlike its predecessor, Drishyam focuses more on George Kutty than his family. So obviously rest of the cast playing the role of family members don't get enough chance to showcase their skills. On the other side, we have a solid character of the new Investigating officer Mr. Thomas played terrifically by Murali Gopy. The supporting is fine with their minimal appearances. Drishyam 2 has faltered in the editing where the first half of the film is a complete waste. You could even start watching the film post-Interval and still, there won't be any issues. The Idea of stretching it for 153 minutes is nothing but a big blunder. If the second half had not been classy enough then who knows it might have ended up as an average film by the blessings of the malice of the First Half. 

Dialogues sound pretty good, nothing extraordinary though, except for the internal salvation part in the climax. The cinematography is decent and the background is fine too. Director Jeethu Joseph deserves a special mention for his guts that he even thought of making this impossible sequel and unexpectedly gave full justice to it. This idea of making a sequel to Drishyam was so amazing but the fact that it can never be matched was also there to discourage him and Luckily he didn't fumble too much. Overall, Drishyam 2 is not up to the unachievable mark of its Predecessor but as we all know that even going close to it a Big Achievement in itself and that's what it is.

Yes, recommended. RATING - 8/10* By - #samthebestest