Dr.sheths anti pollution serum review

This was my go to serum for last 2 months and I thoroughly enjoyed using it up. Loved @drsheths Anti POLLUTION Day Serum. This serum.is made specially keeping in mind the pollution level of our country as u can see now. It helps against blue light ,helps repair skin and works best when used with sunscreen. We all know how pollution ,smog is damaging our skin and what it will cost us in future. That's why I request all to make skincare your ritual so you age gracefully. It has plant based derivatives which are non toxic ,vegan ,sulphate free, paraben free . It is thick gel based serum some lightish beige in color and seeps into the skin all at once leaving it soft and matte. It contains Polysaccharides (anti pollution) Glycerine (hydration) Wheat and oat sugars (hydration) Amino acid complex (repair) Niacinamide (brightening) Ashwagandha extract (healing) Marigold extract (blue light protection) Butterfly bush extract (blue light protection) Hyaluronic acid (hydration) So it helped me in brightening my skin ,keeping my skin hydrated for hours and protected it against harsh rays. Which is your favourite serum ?