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Ecalt fadeout serum review

The only product which gave FOMO in recent time was @eclat fadeout.

I was so desperately wanted to try it, to know the hype.

Is it worth the hype??

Do you have pigmented skin, then it\"s worth trying.

Formulated with tranexamic acid, azelaic acid, niacinamide along with other.

 Tranexamic acid inhibits the production of melanin, recent studies shows transexamic acid helped in reducing melasma and hyperpigmentation. 

Azelaic acid & Niacinamide are one of the most underrated ingredients.

AHA, BHA snatched it\"s fame.

Did it helped me??

Ohh yes!

I have been using it as AM routine during ramzan 2021 and before that incorporated in PM routine.

My skin was calmed but my cheeks were worst with dark spots as I went overboard with tretinoin and ruined it.

I spot treated it after applying Hyaluronic acid, my hack with Ha serum is since it pull moisturizer from surface, I want it to attract the next active applied on skin.

That way I can benefited from actives.

Sssshhhh this is my take on using Hyaluronic acid.

I have surely saw difference in my dark spots, as a certificate of my stupidity I do have images from last 1 year to see progress. However I wish I could share.


It a must have product if you have dark spots, pigmentation or melasma.


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