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Eeb Allay Ooo! Review: An Interesting and Unusual Premise!

The film revolves around a young man who is hired as a monkey repeller upon moving to Delhi. The film was released in 2019 marking the directorial debut of Prateek Vats. The film stars Shardul Bharadwaj, Mahender Nath and Nutan Sinha.

The film begins off with a sort of vocal exam for Anjani Prasad who later gets selected for the job as a monkey repeller. Anjani along with some other boys is shown a documentary - on why monkeys are treated as Gods in our country. The next day begins as a training day for Anjani, who gets informed about what all he needs to do on the job and why the Government has come up with this idea. Along with the meaning of the sound that he needs to make – Ooo! which means “monkey”, Eeb! which means “Langur” and Allay! which means “Human”. Anjani who’s clearly scared of the job asks just one question “What should he do if the monkey attacks him” to which he is answered “Don’t manifest fear and never look into its eyes”.

The film might seem strange and unfamiliar in the beginning (maybe because we live in Mumbai) but feels close to reality and reveals the harsh truth about people and the country. The film shows the realistic side of a migrant with lower income living in Delhi. The film may moreover look like a documentary but is unique in its concept. The film sort of gets interesting when Anjani comes up with an idea to scare away the monkeys dressed up as a Langur (a species of monkey). All in all, the film is beautifully written with its amazing cinematography. Definitely a must watch on Netflix.


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