Eijaz Vs Arshi

There was a big argument between Eijaz and Arshi which started when Eijaz tells Arshi that we are giving you food. Arshi says you could do this drama of food with Kavita but not with me to which Eijaz acts like spitting. After seeing this reaction from Eijaz, Arshi says Eijaz is spitting on me, he doesn’t respect women. Eijaz says you talked about Kavita bragging about making food for me so I spat on that. Arshi says I spit on you, you make sisters but then cheat them, you did it with Nikki and then me. After hearing this Eijaz says I like to not get affected but he clarifies that he spat on Kavita’s topic. But Arshi doesn't agree and says that this is Eijaz's reality and he doesn't respect his relationships. This is the main reason for him being alone and he will continue to remain alone.