The element in Sooryavanshi that isn't being praised enough!

As the film is now officially the first Bollywood blockbuster amidst the pandemic, Sooryavansh is being praised to be a solid masala entertainer, while others found it to be too over-the-top! However, with the film bagging a bundle of mixed responses, one element in the film that isn't being praised enough is how amazingly the technicality of the film is!

Whether it's the on-point hard-hitting BGM, gorgeous cinematography, or the amazing lighting the film has used, Shetty has made sure the film to be a marvel from a technical standpoint! The film cinematographer- Jomon T.John, the editor Bunty Nagi and the music director Lijo George along with our very own Bollywood’s Michael Bay a.k.a Rohit Shetty have to be applauded for paying attention to the technicality of the film, so well which most of the Bollywood films choose to ignore!