ENGENES Gear Up As Enhypen Make Their KCon Debut

KCON:TACT is right around the corner and we cannot wait for it! From great performances to fun behind the scenes, KCON is every K-Pop fans favourite time of the year. However, one of the things KCON is definitely known for is providing stages to new groups. It gives them a platform to interact with more fans and helps gain a larger fandom. This year one of the names debuting is, prepare yourself, ENHYPEN! BigHit’s new group formed through I-LAND is officially appearing on KCON and we are eagerly waiting to see what performances they have in store for us. Their debut songs performed pretty well so it is only natural that they get a chance to be on KCON but nevertheless, it is a big deal and something the fandom should be proud of! Comment to let us know what aspect of their KCON appearance you are looking forward to!