ENHYPEN Jake's necklace stirs controversy, fans demand an apology - What is your take on it?

During ENHYPEN's Inkigayo performance, one of the members, Jake was seen wearing a necklace that cost him a bit too much than he had asked for. This silver necklace had 'Allah' (God in Islam) engraved on it. When fans noticed it, they started bashing their stylists and their management company for mocking the religion and calling them out for making Islam religion an aesthetic.

Jake's stylist received a lot of backlash for not properly researching the significance of the necklace. Fans were not furious because he wore it, but by the fact that he wore it while performing, which is an act that is frowned upon in Islam. It is considered disrespectful to wear accessories with God's name even to the washroom, let alone perform in them.  

Many fans were disappointed in Jake as well, however, some supported him by saying that idols don't get any say in their outfits, giving him the benefit of doubt. People are now demanding an official apology from BELIFT LAB and ENHYPEN's stylists for their ignorant acts. This is not the first instance when such an incident has taken place, NCT's member TEN had also worn the golden version of the same necklace. 

Do you think Jake should apologize? Do you think artists should become more responsible with their outfits since they are being watched globally?