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The Entire Nation is Praising Chhattisgarh's Unique Vaccination Model. Here’s why:

The whole country is severely affected by Covid. There is chaos in all the states regarding the vaccine. On the flipside, Chattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has initiated a brilliant plan that is 'Equality Oriented Strategy' under which the last person of Antyodaya to the topmost person from the upper class are being vaccinated easily without any discrimination.
Chhattisgarh has the highest number of citizens who are vaccinated in 45 years and above category. Chattisgarh government facing all odds has fulfilled its promise to offer free vaccines even in such difficult times. The government's model considers all sections of the state to be equal and has given equal opportunity to people by categorizing the society into 4 categories, namely Antyodaya, BPL, APL, and front-line workers. As a result, today, the tribal and remote areas are also responding well towards vaccination. The proudest thing is that about 61 lakh people have got vaccinated so far in the state. Till 11th May, precisely 2 lakh 42 thousand 204 persons from the 18 to 44 years age group have been vaccinated successfully and almost 89 percent of the health workers and about 100 percent of the front-line workers have been covered till now.
The work of spreading awareness in rural languages by distinguished social workers of the region is also being done, as a result of which, zeal is being observed among the remote areas as well. Because of this, the infection rate has dropped to half in just two weeks.


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