Ek Duaa Review: Esha Deol starring short film shows female foeticide but couldn't make any impact

Esha Deol and Rajveer Ankur Singh, starring Ek Duaa, is a short film of 45 minutes, that is currently streaming on Voot. The film revolves around the significant issue like female foeticide and boy child favouritism.


Esha and Rajveer play a married couple, Abeda and Suleman, who have two children (a boy and a girl), and they stay with Suleman's mother. In this short film, it is shown that they belong to a very rigid and conservative family who are facing a financial crunch. But, their look in the movie tells some other tale. At one point, it becomes impossible to believe that they have such financial problems.


The director Ram Kamal Mukherjee tried to convey a message with his short film but failed to make any strong impact on his audience. The plot was mostly predictable, and the last twist was unnecessary.


The screenplay has been written with many loopholes, and the actors couldn't justify the characters. Watch it at your own risk. The only breather of this short film was the two kids Barbie Sharma and Shreyansh Nick Nag and Abhishek Bachchan's last recitation.


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