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Even with movies like Swades, Lagaan, and Rang De Basanti, why do Bollywood movies never get an Oscar?

The Best Foreign Language Film category is where movies from different countries compete for an Oscar. Of course, an Oscar isn't entirely the basis of judging how good a film is, but it is held in high esteem. Till date, the only Indian entrants to make the cut to the final list are Mother India, Salaam Bombay, and Lagaan.


While Bollywood is densely populated with masala flicks that aim to entertain as their ultimate goal, it's also peppered with some quality movies. Swades, Lagaan, and Rang De Basanti are examples of that.


Is it due to the difference in storytelling formats? Indian movies in general have a very long run time which might throw the audience off. Perhaps Bollywood movies also incorporate Indian sensibilities to a point that a foreign audience will not connect with it. What is your opinion?


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