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Ever tried Biodegradable sheet masks? These are here to stay!

Dermafique Bio Cellulose Charcoal Face Mask are one of the best skincare sheet masks I came across recently. I read how the other sheet masks are non biodegradable and cause harm to the environment. Dermafique Bio launched these wonder ranges of sheet masks ,that don't hinder the environment and are also very effective. They are made with all natural fibers that contains good bacteria that converts glucose into nutrients that are like soul food for your skin. The serum and fluides stayed intact, unlike other sheet masks that drip a lot. It has a water locking system that helps it lock the serums. It contains natural coconut water that instantly adds moisture to the skin. You can use it almost daily. It actually reduces the appearance of blemishes and marks. I like the light weight serum that gets absorbed in the skin. All in all it has a lot of benefits and is a great product.


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