Every Movie Reference made in the K-Drama Run On

As soon as the new K-Drama aired fans were quick to notice multiple movie references. Die-hard movie fans caught most of the scenes mimicking popular Hollywood movies. Here are some of the movie references in the K-Drama! 1. John Wick In the first episode itself, Oh Mi-joo (Shin Se-kyung) teaches Ki Seon-gyeom (Im Si-wan) a thing or two from the popular movie. Mi-joo also makes a joke asking Ki Seon-Gyeom if he is some type of John Wick. 2. The Psycho Psycho is an old classic thriller movie. It introduced a new type of killer that became the model for films of this genre. In a scene from episode three, a poster of Psycho featuring the infamous shower scene can be seen. 3. Batman Begins The show gives some backstory as to why Mi-Joo chose to become a subtitles translator. In episode two, she explains that if it weren't for subtitles she would have never known what it meant the meaning of the line which stayed with her. Seon-gyeom later asks what the line was. She says," Why do we fall? The line is from the famous movie Batman Begins. 4.E.T. In episode six, Seon-gyeom and Young-Hwa went grocery shopping together. Seon-gyeom then points his finger and Young-Hwa touches his fingertip with his. Young-Hwa explains Seon-gym it's the way how they express feelings in the movie E.T The Extra-terrestrial. 4. Casablanca The K-drama made an obvious reference to the famous 1942 movie Casablanca. In the drama, Seon-gym and Mi-Joo have their own small trailer similar to that of the movie. It is exactly like the original scene and they even use the original audio.