Everyone Loves Plump Lips – But Not All of Us Are Blessed With Them

Everyone loves pink, plum, and soft lips but only a few girls are blessed with it. So here are a few steps you can make your makeup look flawless. 



Our lips tend to look pale, dehydrated, and also lifeless sometimes. Use a scrub or a lip balm that is enriched with Vitamin E to get that extra moisture. Also, you can use lip oil to hydrate your lips. 



To outline your lips use a lip liner closest to the shade of your lips. Don’t make it too thick. Use your fingers to fill your entire lip with that shade and also to buff the product that it doesn’t get any cracks. Then you can use lipstick to cover all the area. 



The most important thing here of getting a fuller lip is to highlight and bring it some dimension because thin lips just lack it. On a lower lip, just dab a liquid highlighter on the center and then just dust a little powder highlighter very lightly over your cupid’s bow. This will create the magic on your fuller lips. 


Add Shine

Glossy lips look bigger than matte lips as they are highly reflective. Always opt for a lip gloss of your favorite shade to get plumper lips. But overlining is important before you apply a lip gloss.