Is everyone talking about F1 while you feel clueless? Watch Drive to Survive on Netflix now!

When everyone around you is babbling away about a sport and you have no clue about it, one is bound to feel utterly left out and clueless. Well, Netflix is right here to our less-sporty people's rescue! If your friends or your partner is obsessing over an F1 race or the Formula 1 season and you don't even know the rules, all you've got to do is watch a season of ‘Drive to Survive’. You'll know more than you can imagine! And the best part is, it's interesting and super-dramatic! You will feel like you're watching an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but in reality, you're simply watching a bunch of overgrown boys go unimaginably fast in their go-karts and F1 cars, competing with each other in speed and ego. Watch this now if you don't believe me!