Everything's gonna be okay.

Few weeks back I came across this series on Instagram while scrolling through my reels and I instantly liked their monologue it was bit funny and quirky. I then added it to my watchlist hoping to see it later. Yesterday it happened to be a dull day for me because it was holi and I don't play holi (bit allergic to colours) I was alone and wanting to watch something fun and relaxing kind of a series where I don't have to feel any other emotions apart from feeling calm and relaxed. So I thought of giving this show a shot. At first, I felt little reluctant like I am gonna waste my time and won't make me feel what I am searching for but few scenes later I was really hooked I was enjoying it.

The storyline of this series is pretty basic. It revolves around three siblings and how they deal with the death of their father and their life after losing their father. Starting from their coping mechanism to their own self exploration about sexuality, education, high school etc. Even though the storyline seems to be pretty common like every teenager series or movies but this series leaves you feeling a sense of warmth and whole.

It doesn't make you feel lonely, you feel involved in the story, you get excited for the characters and their journey and thank god I binge watch this yesterday. There are also other series that you can binge watch and that gives you the exact same feeling like this series did for me 1) Atypical [Netflix] 2) Afterlife[Netflix] 3)Please like me 4) Fleabag [Prime video] 5) Crashing [ Netflix]. Happy Binge watching you guys.