Ex-AOA Member Jimin Makes A Comeback To The Entertainment Industry With A New Agency

Former AOA's Jimin is set to make a comeback to the entertainment industry.

On July 14, ALO MALO Entertainment stated that they had recently signed an exclusive contract with the former AOA member.

Additionally, Jimin stated, "I am greeting you from a new agency. I have had a lot of thoughts and spent a lot of time to reflect on my past. I still feel cautious but I plan to move forward step by step. Please watch over my future activities."

Jimin had departed AOA in July 2020 after being accused of bullying by former member Mina. During the peak of the controversy, Jimin issued an apology, went silent on social media and announced her departure from the entertainment industry.

Currently, the claims made by Mina are subject of speculation, especially with media outlet Dispatch carrying out a expose against Mina. Dispatch revealed screenshots of alleged past conversations between the two members and interviewed numerous staff members, who most described Mina as someone who has the 'celebrity disease.'