Ex DAY6 member Jae Park apologizes, calls his derogatory comment to Jamie a 'friendly banter' - Is it really justifiable?

Those of you who are not aware of the situation, during a live stream the Ex-member of DAY6 Jae Park called Jamie Park a 'thot' taking a jab at her. (“Thot” is a derogatory slang term that describes a woman who is “considered to be sexually provocative or promiscuous.) ”The singer said, "OK, now that I'm not in K-pop anymore, I can say this. Why is Jamie trying to be a thot?" He laughed pretty hard and continued, "That's right! I said it. Tell her. I said it! Tell her!"

Fans were disgusted by this comment and it could be seen in the live stream as well that Jae had realized his mistake and tried to clean the spilt milk as he said he was 'Just kidding' and called Jamie 'a badass queen'. However, it was of no use as he is facing a harsh backlash from K-pop fans for passing such a demeaning comment.

Anyway, the 29-year-old singer again took to Instagram to apologize to his former labelmate and his fans and called his comment 'distasteful'. The unimpressed fans asked him to stop committing such mistakes over and over again. He also released an official apology where he wrote, "What I thought was friendly banter I now realize wasn't. In no way was I referencing any kind of physical behaviour or energy (trying to take a slight at Jamie) but rather the aura of what people refer to as a "baddie" and thought the two were synonymous, however, I do understand that this is in no way an excuse for my comment."

Do you think calling his insensitive comment a 'friendly banter', in any way, justifies his words? Do you think he should be let off the hook after it?

You can check out the live stream below!