Exfoliator for each skin type and skin concern

The word ' acid ' can scare you but skincare acids are actually gentle, very beneficial and important to maintain a healthy glowing skin. There are acids for exfoliation, hydration and for pigmentation.

If you are confused on what acid to choose for what concern then check this out. This comprises of AHAs and BHA.

Exfoliation doesn't just help with removing the top layers of skin but actually addresses a number of skin concerns right from acne to pigmentation to anti aging.

You can add them to your skincare routine in the form of cleanser, toner, serum or sleeping mask.

Always start from lower concentration to avoid irritation.

Your skin can go through a face called purging, this is very common and nothing to worry. It goes away in a period of 4-6 weeks. This happens as the active ingredient pulls out all the dirt trapped in our pores on to the surface of skin.

Restrict it to maximum 2-3times a week, never overexfoliate as you are going to damage your skin barrier doing that.

Always use a SPF 50 the next day as your skin is sun sensitive post exfoliation.