EXO DO and Xiumin receives backlash for not being active on Bubble - Aren't fans overreacting?

One of the biggest Kpop boy group EXO's members D.O and Xiumin are under fire and the reason is quite immature. The members are receiving backlash for not being active on Bubble, which is a paid app launched by SM where fans can receive messages from their favourite idols. According to the fans, D.O and Xiumin have not been active on the app and EXO Ls money is going to waste. they are being blamed for filling their pockets with fans' monthly fees.

The two members have been inactive for over a month on the app and fans are beyond pissed as they feel EXO Ls are not being acknowledged by EXO anymore, and that they have become a liability for them. So much so that D.O does not even feel the need of addressing them during any event. This led to a flurry of comments where fans expressed their disappointment, although some went overboard as they used foul language, called them ignorant and asked them to stop being idols.

Many were seen in the support of D.O and Xiumin as they argued, "they are idols, they are busy", "Stop overreacting and ask for a refund", "Stop paying then" etc. As much as we want EXO members to make a comeback together, I don't think we should forget that now most of them are well-established soloists, they have other activities too. Don't you think it is kind of an overreaction on part of fans?