EXO's Lay and GOT7's Jackson Wang show support to each other upon Jackson's historic performance at Coachella

Jackson Wang recently made history as he became the first ever Chinese artist to perform at the biggest music festival 'Coachella'. Thus EXO member Lay Zhang posted an Instagram story congratulating him.

He wrote, "So proud of you my brother Jackson Wang for showing the strength of Chinese artists on a Global Stage". Jackson reposted the story and wrote "My brother. All sh*t don't matter. We are in it for the big vision. For the community. For our people. As one. They don't see it. But we know it so well. They can talk all they want. It's just noise. We prove it by feeling it as ONE globally. We talk for our community. That's it. They not doing anything. Negative vibe we don't give a sh*t about. We love our people. That's it. We know it so well."

The two stars had a sincere prep-talk as fellow musicians and friends. What do you think of this interaction? Do you want them to collab?