EXO's MV "Call Me baby" surpasses 300 million views on Youtube!

EXO's MV "Call Me Baby" has become their 4th MV to hit 300 Million views on Youtube. It has entered the list along with "Monster," "Loveshot" and "Ko Ko Bop." It took over 6 years for this song to reach this milestone.

However, I have to admit, it came as a bit of a surprise that it is just their 4th MV to reach this milestone. EXO is one of the biggest K-pop groups, but I guess Youtube views do not justify the kind of impact they have on K-pop and its mainstream popularity.

EXO is my personal favourite group and they have given some really big hits including "Growl," "Loveshot," "The Eve,", "Tempo" and the list goes till eternity. Their songs are more upbeat with catchy tunes and fun lyrics and this different and rather an easy approach set them apart from every group.

Currently, they are on a hiatus because of their mandatory duties and solo careers, nevertheless, I truly wish to see them making a comeback as a group and spread the magic that they are known for.

Do you miss EXO? Which is your favourite song of them?