EXO's SUHO's past comments on the future of the group resurface amidst the speculations of disbandment

One of the biggest K-pop groups that gave us tracks like 'Growl', 'Love Shot', 'Monster' to groove onto, EXO, is on the verge of disbanding. EXO's members are gradually making a return after fulfilling their mandatory service, however, D.O, Kai, Xiumin and others are busy with their solo activities. There are many speculations going around on the comeback of the group, while some believe EXO is never returning as one again since their contract will also soon end, others think SM is sidelining the group in order to promote their new groups well. Meanwhile, some past comments of SUHO on the future of EXO are resurfacing on the internet.

SUHO appeared on a show in 2019 when he was asked about the future of EXO and he responded, "We talked about contract renewal among members, not with the company. We decided to stick together no matter what happens. Whether it is in SM or any other company or we start our own company. We have only 2 years left until our contract expires." He had also expressed his wish once where he said, "If there's one wish, that would be that EXO could go a long long way."

We all would want to see EXO continue for eternity, the impact this boy group has left is unmatchable and only old K-pop followers are aware of that. Nevertheless, the members are already working on their solo careers hinting towards the possible separation after the contract expires and with Lay residing in China and enjoying a successful solo career, it feels next to impossible that EXO will ever return with its OG 9 members line-up. What do you think will EXO ever return or are we close to their inevitable end?