Exploring Myself With A New Flair.

My experiences during pandemic and lockdown had been very novel and exciting. It stooped down on me as a challenge after losing my husband in Jan-2020, who had been a constant source of inspiration for me and whose words 'Life has to be lived forward, not backward' have instilled unique courage and confidence in me. This guided me to take up the relief work in these difficult times for the daily wagers and migrants, who were reeling under pathetic circumstances. In spite of being a senior citizen myself, I boldly braved all the challenges with the sole support of my son. I also inspired the people for eye donation trying to convince them and answering their queries. It was a successful venture during this pandemic, a contribution to eliminating corneal blindness and spread the light of humanity. I was hardly ever scared in these hard times and invested my entire energy in exploring myself and fulfilling my dreams. My childhood dream of playing Mouthorgan was cherished in this period and my creativity of singing, dancing, and writing picked up a new flair. In addition, I also held online counseling sessions for those who were depressed, frustrated, and nervous. Taking up some new online courses from Yale University, New York was another achievement of lockdown which truly unlocked my hidden faculties. In fact, what I feel is that every single being has a very responsible role to play which can wreak a drastic and positive change even in adverse conditions. -Retired Principal and Senior Theater Artist