Eyebrow trends to blow off a look this fall season!

Do y'all remember back in 2018 when there was some new eyebrow trend every single day?

Fishtail brows, halo brows, geometric brows… the chaos truly never ended. Now, in 2021, those same types of bold and experimental eyebrow makeup are making a bit of a comeback — but this time in ways you'll actually want to wear.

Among Lizzo's recent bleached eyebrows, Bella Hadid's alien-like straight eyebrows, and TikTok's wealth of high-brow content, we stumble upon a new eyebrow makeup and grooming trend every week. In contrast, natural eyebrows with hands-off grooming are becoming more commonplace for day-to-day wear.

So we scoured the internet to give us the rundown on the eyebrow trends that are going to be huge this fall (and onward). 

  1. Hands-Off Grooming

Brow minimalism is popping up more and more. I feel like low maintenance and natural eyebrows are a trend we're going to see more and more. For fresh, modern, natural brows, using a pencil that's not too heavily pigmented and a clear brow gel is suggested.

2. Stick-Straight Arches 

Popular on TikTok and the red carpet (see here on Bella Hadid at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival), straight and upward-facing eyebrows could very well become the standard soon. If you're not ready to fully commit to this shape, you can totally fake it for a day. You can achieve the look by concealing the little fluffy hairs at the tail end.

3. Lamination & Soap Brows 

Lamination — the procedure that temporarily perms your eyebrows upward for a full and fluffy look — took off in 2019, but it surely isn't going anywhere. Speaking of brow gel, this trend also lends itself to the popularity of soap brows, which you can do with the right products.

4. Disco Brows 

The key is to slick your brows down flat so you can add chrome or shimmer eye shadow on top —not glitter; glitter is too chunky. After styling brows upward with soap, use your finger with my shadow of choice and lightly tap or swipe with the hair growth over the brow.