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This Face Brightening Cleanser and 24k Kumkumadi Oil will fix everything @thetribeconcepts .

About the brand Thetribeconcepts is a brand all about deep rooted 100% organic ingredients with NO ADDED CHEMICALS & CRUELTY FREE. This Beauty herbal products come right from the heart of Ayurveda. The Organic aromas are no less than a natural whiff to keep you fresh all day long as the ingredients are originally extracted from the" Mooligai"

How can one use this Combo It's almost a year now I am using 24K Kumkumadi Tailam with Face brightening daily Cleanser. Since I have Oily combination Skin I use it in my evening routine. I just wash my face and give a steam for 5-10 mins which helps in opening my pores and gives a stimulating effect. Take 2-3 drops of Oil rub it in the palm til it gives you a warm feel and massage on your skin for 10-15 mins. While massaging I can see the oil blends so deeply into the skin and gives a shiny appearance. I keep it for half an hour thn I wash it off with the cleanser. Simply I make a thick paste with water. Apply all over in your face and neck. Let the mask dry ,while washing it off do it in a gentle way. 


After results are Natural Glow

My skin has improved so much after using Thetribeconcepts kumkumadi Tailam and facial cleanser  and I can see the lightening effect, the texture has also improved so much and its getting balanced to the normal Skin. It does work on pigmentation and helps in reducing dark circles.


Thank you Thetribeconcepts for introducing the pure herbal organic products. If one really wants to follow the proper skin rituals in one combo rather thn using different brands of cleanser and masks for thr routine please do visit thetribeconcepts as the product itself is the 3 in 1 formulation which works as Cleanser, Scrub and Mask.


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