Face masks that people with oily skin should try!!

To have oily skin is as normal as having skin. It is not a skin condition, rather a skin type. In fact, you know it already when you’re skin is oily. That is because you feel greasy all the time.

Having oily skin is indeed a challenge because the possibility of skin issues is endless. You can have pores, you can have severe breakouts, acne can be your best friend and so many issues that need proper treatment and care. This is why a skincare routine for oily skin is very important.

So, here are some face masks for all your oil skin beauties that you must try!

1. Clay masks

They are saviors for oily skin. If you are someone with really oily skin, you should consider adding them to your skincare route. It helps absorb excess oil while also dislodging surface debris from congested pores. Watch for bentonite clay, kaolin clay, sea clay, or Brazilian clay.

2. Charcoal masks

They are amazing for oily skin as it absorbs oil dirt and grime like a magnet and traps them. It makes your skin fresh, pores clean ad less congested. Making a charcoal mask can b messy, so opt for a ready-made charcoal mask in my option.

3. Multani Mitti

This is a basic ingredient with impressive properties that helps in soaking up skin’s excess shine. Heavy oily skin people should start using it right now!