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Face mists- a step worth investing in

Hey beauties, here I'll pen down what you didn't know a face mist could do! Before jumping on reviewing my face mist, first I want to tell you guys that face mists have blasted on to the skin care regimens in recent years. Moreover, during these tough days of pandemic face mists allow you to pamper your skin without touching your face. Now, I'll be sharing my review on Plum Grape Seed & Sea Buckthorn Nutri-plenish Face Mist. ~ What it claims~ It gives your skin nourishment and hydration through the magical ingredients - Sea Buckthorn- Rich in Vitamin C and Grapeseed- Rich in Vitamin E, also has some refreshing Ingredients like Aloe juice. 100% Vegan, Paraban-free. I have never tried Plum products, since the brand claims to be free from harmful chemicals,so thought of giving this a try! ~My Review~ First of all, in terms of hydration, it's not that much effective during winters as my skin becomes super dry and needs immense moisturization in cold weathers. But during summers, it gives you a quite refreshing feeling which instantly cheer up my mood! Moreover, it has some other major benefits due to which I've started loving this product. It's an AMAZING makeup setting spray! If you want your makeup to look fresh and dewy then go for it. It doesn't harm your skin and you can spray it as many times as you want! Also, it smells so refreshing. In short, it's a decent face mist at this price range. And I would surely repurchase it as I really like the dewy and natural effect it gives to my makeup!


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