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Face Yoga = A Skinvestment.

Just like going to the gym keeps your body in shape, face yoga exercises and massages are said to tone the muscles on your face to help you look young. It is a natural way that brings lasting results.


What is face yoga?

Face yoga involves massage and exercises that stimulate the muscles, skin and lymphatic system. This technique is designed to soften and relax your face muscles to help alleviate tension, stress, and worry. The technique uses a variety of massage and exercises to target your face, neck, eyes and shoulders.


When it comes to seeing results from face yoga, consistency is key! It’s important to do these exercises at least daily, and twice per day if possible, to see max results. It’s healthier, free, and best of all it makes you feel extremely confident in your skin!


Touted benefits of face yoga:

-       Tightens skin

-       Improves blood circulation on the face

-       Gives you a youthful appearance

-       Lift’s areas that are sagging and drooping

-       Gives a healthy glow

-       Reduces stress and tension in your face

-       Smooth fine lines and wrinkles

-       Reduce the appearance of scars


When I learnt about this trend, I was keen on doing it. So, I searched for face yoga exercises to do by myself. Turns out the innumerable articles and videos that came up confused me! It’s important to do these exercises in the correct manner else it can cause more damage than care. I decided to sign up for a Face Yoga class and came across Sarva Yoga on Instagram which gave classes on face yoga.

I joined the 5-day workshop and was extremely happy with way the class was conducted, the knowledge imparted and how the exercises were taught. Genuinely felt a difference in my skin in just a week of doing the exercises.


If you are looking to try something new while you are at home. Invest in face yoga. You won’t be disappointed! Ladies, create your moment of self-care now!



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