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Facial oils should be used in the morning or night?

Proper use of facial oil depends on your skin type. Your skin produces sebum or its oil at quite different rates during the whole day. You should apply facial oil always during the night because sebum secretion is lowest during the night time.


Dry skin does not produce sebum so if you have dry skin then you must add a few drops of facial oil in the morning and evening. Others can apply the facial oil during the night because it gets absorbed quickly at night and in the morning, it will give a natural glow to your face. This can help to improve your overall skin condition. Facial oils are highly effective as they are made from natural ingredients. You only need to apply few drops of facial oil on your skin and it will work wonders on your skin. Also, you can use facial oil as a primer before doing makeup on your face. Here are few oils that will suit your skin type.


Sensitive and Damaged Skin – You can use primrose oil, argan oil, or those which contain Vitamin E. This will protect your skin against damage from the sun. They contain inflammatory properties which will help to reduce redness. If you are going out, apply a few drops of oil, and then make sure you apply sunscreen.


Oily and Acne-Prone Skin – Use jojoba oil, camellia flower oil, and tea tree oil for your oily and acne-prone skin. These oils can help to control the excess oil and minimize the appearance of pores on your face.


Dry and Dehydrated Skin – Use argan, coconut, jojoba, sunflower, and olive oil for dehydrated skin. These oils quickly absorb onto your skin and also make the skin smooth. For dehydrated skin, you should apply a hydrating serum and then apply a moisturizing oil so that it locks all the benefits of the applied serum.


Aging Skin – As you age, your skin produces less oil and so it gets dried out very quickly. To reduce your wrinkles, you should use rosehip seed oil and argan oil. It contains antioxidants, prevents water loss, and gives a glow to the face. Also, antioxidants boost collagen production and also it strengthens skin elasticity.  


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