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The Family Man Season 2 has paved the way for multilingual shows

I know there's been some criticism and controversy surrounding the second season of The Family Man. There's also the fact that Samantha's skin was darkened for the role (problematic and should be rightly called out), and some discrepancies with the story such as Eelam movement leaders consuming alcohol when it was actually forbidden.


Let's talk about something the show does do well though. Not only is it gripping, engaging and well made, but what I loved was the inclusion of Tamil in the series. The actors weren't made to speak Hindi for the show, which would be a huge disservice. After all, the ethnic conflict revolved heavily around language, so excluding Tamil or making them speak in accented Hindi (usually done in Bollywood) would make no sense. Bringing in an Indian language other than Hindi is truly a step towards more inclusive media.


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