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Famous Bollywood celebs who are still not on social media!!

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are social media platforms through which actors connect with their fans. Most of the celebs are active on social media but there are still a few who chose to stay away from social media.

1) Rani Mukherjee - Rani has been in this industry for over two decades now and she's proved herself as a successful actress. Most of her contemporaries are really active on social media but she chose to keep herself away from all this.

2) Ranbir Kapoor - I think he's the only actor of this generation who is not social media. His parents, Rishi and Neetu are quite active on their respective handles. I really hope he blesses us with his social media presence one day or maybe his girlfriend Alia Bhatt could inspire him to do so!

3) Saif Ali Khan - A couple of months ago Kareena Kapoor made her Instagram debut and she's really active currently. However, Saif has still maintained the distance from all this. He doesn't have an online presence but he's seen a lot on Kareena's account.

4) Kangana Ranaut - According to rumors, Kangana's team is very active on social media and she connects with her fans through that account. Kangana isn't personally on any social media platform. I'm sure it'll be fun to have her active on these platforms.


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