Fans are worrying that TWICE's Jeongyeon is pushing herself too hard for Tour

TWICE is currently working hard for their 3rd world tour in the U.S., and fans think that Jeongyeon who took breaks for health is pushing herself too hard on tour.

JYP Entertainment previously revealed that Jeongyeon had herniated disc and anxiety. The idol took 2 big breaks because of it. She wasn't able to participate in Seoul concerts but is performing hard in U.S. concerts. Since Mina took a break in 2019, this is the first time all 9 members are doing tours together. Fans were happy and proud to see Jeongyeon, however, they are willing to wait for her until she is completely healed. As Jeongyeon seemed to be exhausted and in pain while performing, fans think she should return after complete healing.

But in the end, Jeongyeon knows her body better than anyone and she is capable of deciding for herself. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think she should rest until fully recovered or continue with the tour?