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Is Farhan Akhtar starring in Marvel's First Muslim Superhero Film, Ms. Marvel?

Toofan actor Farhan Akhtar has reportedly signed a Marvel Studios project. He has flied to Bangkok to shoot for the same. As we all know, Marvel has a strict policy when it comes to its projects. They have stringent protocols for their actors to follow. So, when Akhtar left for Bangkok, he did not reveal anything about this new big project bagged by him. However, here's a catch. Last month, reports came in about MCU's Ms. Marvel film, which is to be shot in Bangkok, Thailand. If we join the dots, it is highly possible that Farhan might star in this superhero film. Ms. Marvel is Marvel's first Muslim superhero character, Kamala Khan. So, Farhan being a part of this iconic film is a big thing! Aren't you excited to see Farhan in a MCU film?

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